Meep! Tablet: Introducing Technology To Your Child

Ixkidscomputerst can be entrancing to watch children operate a tablet by themselves.  Across the world, parents are observing their children as they master technology before they can even form an entire sentence.  Companies have even taken to making more durable tablets in order to accommodate a rambunctious young child.  While a tablet can certainly keep a child entertained, many parents are unsure of how to introduce this new technology to their children.  Meep! Tablet, a tablet manufactured especially for children, agrees that some parents do not fully understand the technology that they are giving to their children. According to Teaching Young Children magazine,[1] a magazine that is designed to assist preschool educators, adults must first understand what tablet technology can provide their child before they decide on one.


If a parent wishes to teach their child two languages at once, tablet technology is a great investment in their future.  Some tablets support dual language learners.  Some tablets offer translation applications as well as matching photos so that young children can learn as they play.  The photos accompanied by the key words will help children learn another language in the same way that they learn English at a young age.


Tablets also offer programs that can enrich a child’s learning experience by allowing them to take virtual tours.  Imagine that a child could read about a popular painting and then use their tablet to take a virtual tour through the museum to see the picture.  Audio recordings will guide the child through the painting to ensure that they are able to grasp the concepts behind it.  Meep! Tablet also suggests that parents thoroughly read through application descriptions before they purchase or download them for their children.


For parents who are considering to introduce a tablet to their children, consider these tips:


Start with an inviting discussion. Parents should discuss the new technology addition with their children and set the tone for its use.  Parents can bypass technology misuse from the child by setting the standard from the beginning.


Use accurate terms.  Parents should do their best to teach their children about new technology using accurate words and labels.  It can be tempting to try to explain things at the child’s level by re-naming certain aspects so that they are easier to say.  For very young children, it’s important that they eventually learn the accurate terms so that they fully understand the technology and it’s components.


Discuss how to safely use the technology. Parents must also teach their children how to respectfully use their new technology.  Parents should demonstrate what is appropriate and if they feel that the child needs reminding, a short poem or song can be created to ensure that they don’t forget.


Ensure a balance between technology and real world experience. New technology should never be a substitute for real life interactions.  Children benefit from the added learning experience but they also require external stimuli.




Meep! Tablet is generally used by children from age six to eleven and contains games, which target their education level. For younger children, the tablet comes with 50 preloaded games and hundreds more that can be easily downloaded straight to the tablet.





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